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This camera was a cosmetic redesign of the FED-4. Although there was very little change to the overall camera it looks much better than its' predecessor. The meter is very well integrated into the top deck with the rewind knob now in the center of the meter dial. The camera also has a hot shoe as well as a flash jack. The few variations existing, the export model and the 1980 Moscow Games [2].


Produced: 1977-1990

Development of the Fed-4 (b), but with specifications of the Fed-5B. Retractable rewind knob. Lens I-61L/D  2.8/55.

Black letters on the white face plate or vice versa. Different body coverings and nameplate markings.

Original price (in year 1986) 77 roubles.


 Fed-5 #099948.



Old style of nameplate markings. Moscow Olympic Games (1980) logotype on the frontplate. Less common to find camera.


Fed-5 Olympic  #371516.



Another Olympic version with regular nameplate markings already. The sample opposite is fitted with wrong Jupiter-8 lens.


Fed-5 Olympic  #056184.



Seems to be late version of the particular camera. New body coverings, white characters on the black faceplate. Different nameplate markings. New FED logotype on the lens (see picture below), as well as n the rear plate, etc.


Fed-5 (II) #518045.