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2006. Sovietcams.
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This is a non-commercial project, dedicated to soviet camera collectors! Inside this website you’ll find a lot of soviet and russian cameras (c. 1929 ...) as well as many other collectable items, books, exposure meters etc. Well-known soviet camera brands like Fed, Zenit, Kiev, Zorki, Lubitel or Moskva are followed by less known collectables. My intention was to characterize the majority of my collectables, providing technical references as well as details interesting for camera collectors. Although having a nice collection of various vintage cine cameras, I'm still feeling a lack of time to place everything here. May be in near future?

Although not being a professional photographer or even an active camera-user, I’m “sick” by camera collecting since 1993! Need to mention, that my 2nd biggest Love is collecting of camera-related books. Though having a lot of lithuanian, german, polish books in my collection, I have listed only russian ones on my website, due to particularity of the chosen subject.  

I would like to say my special thanks to all my friends for camera related stuff donations! While my collecting activity is still in progress, new interesting materials are to come soon. 

Sincerely yours,

Aidas Pikiotas (SovietCams)