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PK8400. In the August, 1962 issue of the West Germany magazine "Foto-Magazin" appeared a short bulletin announcing the Janus: "In the Soviet Union, a camera named the JANUS will be soon produced. It is a clever combination of a 35mm camera, with many of the characteristics of the Smena, and of an amateur 8mm movie camera equipped with a fixed 2.8/10mm lens and a single speed of 16fps. The two cameras are back to front in the same chassis, and it is possible to switch functions instantly, by turning the camera around" (source: "The Authentic Guide to Russian and Soviet cameras" by J.L.Princelle, 2004).

Produced: 1960
Name: „Янус“
Producer: GOMZ
Lens: Triplet T-22 4.5/40
Shutter: 1/10s-1/200s + B.

Quantity: unknown, but very few.



PK8400 - Janus prototype camera.