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Zenit-122, -SE, -B, -K, -12XL






This camera appears to be just a cosmetic update of the Zenit-12 in a polycarbonate body. This camera was supplied in a small nylon bag marked Zenit [2].


Produced: c.1990
Name: „Зенит-122“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Helios-44-2  2/58.
Shutter: 1/30s-1/500s + B.

Quantity: 1.898.861 units.


Zenit-122 (1st version)   #90007236.



At least 5 versions of Zenit-122 existing:

1. Very uncommon early versions of Zenit-122 had Cyrillic markings on the front plate appr. up to 30.000. Film info compartment on the front-side (see camera #90007236);
 2. Camera identical to 1st version, but under export name "Zenit-122" in Roman characters (see camera #90038934);
3. Common version with export markings. Different body design, without film info compartment (see camera #91088401);
4. Special version of Zenit-122 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of KMZ (see information below);
5. Camera with special markings to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Victory in WW2.


Zenit-122 (2nd version)  #90038934.




Zenit-122 (3rd version)  #91088401.







zenit-122 Special Edition 




To commemorate its 50th anniversary, KMZ issued a special edition of Zenit-122 camera in 1992. Camera comes in titanium grey ABS plastic with gold silkscreened inscriptions. Even a serial numbers has special markings - its prefixed by the anniversary number "50". Camera bottom is signed "Made in Russia".



Zenit-122 Anniversary  #50923326.











zenit-122 anniversary 




To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Victory in WW2, KMZ issued a special edition of Zenit-122 camera in 1995. Camera comes in usual black ABS plastic with gold silkscreened inscriptions "50 YEARS of VICTORY". The serial numbers has usual markings with "95" date prefix. Camera bottom is signed "Made in Russia".

Camera below from private collection in Australia 



Zenit-122 Anniversary  #95079465.












Zenit-122B camera seems to be the simplified domestic version of the Zenit-122. The Z-122B differs from the 122 by lack of a self timer and a checked-up shutter construction. All the main units and mechanisms are installed in a metal body, the outer plastic plates serving for functional design of the camera. The minimum exposure time for providing the full opening a frame window is 1/30s. The film speed in ISO 16–500 range is introduced into an exposure meter with the help of the special limb. Winding and rewinding are executed in the manual mode. ZENIT-122B is complete with a new lens – MC Zenitar M2 2/50 [2].



Zenit-122b  #96048387.










Zenit-122K camera is identical to Zenit-122, but with Pentax K bayonet.



Zenit-122k  #02005077.







zenit-122k anniversary 

Zenit-122k  camera #97004147 has special markings to commemorate the 850th birthday of Moscow. You can see the gold silkscreened inscriptions "Moskva 850" on the camera's top.


Zenit-122k  #97004147.











Less common variant of Zenit-122, under name "Zenit-12XL".  Presumably it was made especially for Latin-American markets. "Made in Russia" is signed on the bottom plate.


Camera opposite from private collection in China.


Zenit-12XL  #91227417.