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Jupiter-8 NB


PT3705. An earliest versions of standard lens for Kiev-5 camera, released by ARSENAL in 1965-1970. Focal length - 5 cm (5.2 cm), aperture range f2 - f22. Focusing range from 0.9 m to infinity. Number of elements/groups - 6/3.  Angular field - 45º. Kiev (Contax) mount (external bayonet only). Lens opposite from private collection in China.


PT3705 - Jupiter-8 NB  #670057.



PT3710. Seems to be the latest type of the particular lens. Released by Arsenal in 1971-1973. Signally changed body design. "Jupiter-8 NB" markings in Cyrillic characters. Kiev (Contax) mount (external bayonet only). 


PT3710 - Jupiter-8 NB  #720162.