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The Vostok 9 x 12cm camera was produced in small quantities by Novosibirsky Pribori Zavod (NPZ) in Novosibirsk between 1948 and 1951. The standard lens is the Industar-51, which has a focal length of 21 cms and a maximum aperture of f/4.5. Unlike most Soviet-made cameras, the Vostok has a comprehensive range of movements. The front panel has rising and cross-front as well as swing and tilt. The back of the camera also has swing and tilt and is rotatable through 360 degrees. The double dark-slide are made to take either glass plates or sheet film. The year of manufacture, factory logo and serial number appear on the lower lens panel clip (source: David Tomlinson).



Produced: 1948-1951
Name: „Восток“
Producer: NPZ (Novosibirsk).
Frame size: 9x12 cm.
Lens: I-51  4.5/210.
Shutter: No shutter.

The particular camera opposite is fitted with Industar-11M  9/45cm lens.

Camera opposite from private collection in China.


Vostok  #0193 (1948).