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2006. Sovietcams.
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Medium format folding technical camera using 120 rollfilm for a format of 52 x 78 mm with a large projected frame finder and coupled rangefinder/viewfinder. Shutter cocking and film transportation executed with the help of a folding handle, located on the bottom of the body. The shutter release by using a cable release mounted on a retractable handle. "Moment-24C" shutter (already known from "Moskva-5" camera) with speeds: 1s - 1/250s + B. Camera was fitted with new soviet lens "Argon" 3.5/90mm in a special bayonet. Unfortunately never produced in series, only very few samples were released in 1961 at Arsenal factory. 

Camera #6100003 below from private collection in Russia.



Reporter (Arsenal) prototype camera  #6100003.