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Tim Slater   E-mail: Norwich   2016-05-01 14:42
Wonderful website and a fantastic reference aid. I can spend hours looking.

Eddie    Odessa   2016-04-30 20:32
Лучший сайт. Ко всему еще и удобно. Спасибо за проделанную работу!!!!

C. Diaz    El Salvador   2016-04-19 06:06
Thanks for your very useful website it's a great reference.

JF Bonnin   E-mail: Limas (France) Home page: 2016-02-27 14:07
My very first 35 mm camera was a Zorki 4 with Jupiter 8. Thank you for this website ! JFB

Raid Amin   E-mail: Pensacola   2016-01-25 22:18
Correction: My ZK has number 000029. Is this somehow special?

Raid Amin   E-mail: Pensacola   2016-01-25 22:15
I have a ZK with serial number 0000129, dates 1948.

Arpyia   E-mail: Santiago, Chile Home page: 2016-01-25 17:45
Thanks, I have a Lubitel 2 and a Zenit 12, you have a great site here, full of information and nostalgic.

William Read    Stafford, England   2016-01-15 15:18
Discovering this website today, I was fascinated to see the FED 4L, which I own, though not currently in active use. I had no idea it was named after the founder of the KGB. I would like to see a section in Russian/Soviet telescopes and binoculars, both of which I have owned, and found to be excellent value and quality. Visiting the Ukraine in September 1989 I was surprised to see that none of the Soviet cameras, binoculars, telescopes, monoculars etc that were freely available in Britain were not in sale in the large city of Rovno, now Rivne.

Kamran Q    Baku, Azerbaijan   2015-12-09 10:00
Thank you very much for this beautiful website. Excellent spot for a soviet photo gear collector. Would be nice if you could also cover camera accessories like flashes, lightmeters, rangefinders. But anyway, good job really, keep it up. Will definitely contact you if I find something rare here in Baku.

Ti. Hanlon   E-mail: Auckland N.Z.   2015-11-06 15:27
Thanks very much for putting this informative site up. I am seriously pondering getting myself a Russian Classic and there are so many to choose from it's hard to know where to start: Especially as without reading a site like yours, a buyer can't know if the camera and lens combo are standard issue or put together by the seller. You have cleared up a query I had simply by having the info available: So thanks again. I will repost when I have bought my camera Smile Cheers Tj.

Steve Horstmeyer    Cincinnati, OH, USA   2015-10-18 00:57
Great informative site. Thank you.

Kaupo        2015-09-17 18:33
Just wanted to say - great page!

Stephan   E-mail: Heist o/d Berg, Belgium Home page: 2015-06-02 15:10
As a proud owner/user of a Kiev 6C and a Kiev-10 your site is an obvious choice to find out more about these cameras and the history of other cameras that where produced in the fallen Empire. Keep up the work! Cheers, Stephan

Frank        2015-05-10 16:28
Dear Admin, many thanks for these special sites. Today I bought a Zorki 4 special edition. 50 years of Soviet authority. After I get in touch with your site I have a good feelig to buy. Your No PM 1825. Thanks very much.

Hannes   E-mail: Vienna   2015-02-16 23:40
Hello: Thank you for the great reference. I have a Jupiter 8 lens variant which is not in your list. It is a late PT3110 from a Zorki 4k with 7 digit serial number 7633192. The name marking is in Cyrillic characters, scale markings are in green. There is no "MADE IN USSR" markings on body. I can send you a photo if you like. Hannes

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