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Though the state enterprise a factory of "Arsenal" is in the center of Kiev, nevertheless during Soviet times and today its phone number is confidential. What factory of "Arsenal" produces and how many people are working here, the last time public could find out in ... 1763 when for repair of guns and the military equipment kept in warehouses have been constructed metalwork, forge and woodworking workshops and a barracks for soldier - workers " numbered by 170 souls and under command of the lieutenant above masters " as it has been told in "Establishment about Kiev Arsenal command".

Beginning with 50th years of the last century the guides, who acquainted tourists "with famous revolutionary, fighting and labour traditions of the Arsenal", told that here only well-known cameras "Kiev" are produced. Kiev inhabitants joked that from the small details of camera "Kiev" which are released on "Arsenal" at one change it is possible to combine one big rocket easily. However it was a lie - rockets "Arsenal" did not produce. But optics for them, and also for submarines, tanks, satellites and planes have been really released. "Arsenal" workers indulgently called cameras as "WIDELY CONSUMED GOODS".

The modelling line of the "Kiev" cameras then was as wide as a ceremonial step of cadets company. It began with the "Kiev" in 1947 made out of the trophy equipment of German firm Carl Zeiss and with the German technology. That is why it is no wonder that the first cameras which have been released in Kiev, as two drops of water, were similar to German "Contax". (source: http://www.dvdtechcameras.com/info/4.htm).


Image courtesy of Ivan Zotikov (Ukraine)