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The Kiev 35A is a compact, lightweight, yet full-frame, aperture-priority automatic 35mm camera. You set the ISO speed and focusing distance, select the f-stop, and the camera selects the appropriate shutter speed, automatically varying the exposure for changes in lighting conditions. Its glass lens ensures sharp, crisp pictures. Clamshell construction protects the lens when not in use. Hardly bigger than two boxes of film, this camera can be easily carried anywhere. Attaching a shoe-mount flash sets the shutter to X sync speed automatically.

The shutter release button on top of camera also has a threaded shutter release receptacle for using a shutter release cable, making this a very versatile compact camera [2].

Produced: 1985-1991
Name: „Киев-35A“
Producer: Arsenal (Kiev)
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: MC Korsar   2.8/35.
Shutter: 4s -  1/500s.

Original price (in year 1986) 85 roubles.


Kiev-35A #9009166.



Minox 35EL (c.1974). The forerunner of Kiev-35A camera. It's not easy to find 10 differencies between this beauty and its cheap copy Kiev-35A ...


Minox 35 EL  #3779511.



Preseries version of Kiev-35A camera can be found inside the manual guides, addvertising booklets, etc. This camera seems to be identical to regular cameras, but with Kiev markings in Cyrillic characters on the frontplate. Unfortunately I have never seen the particular version alive.


Preseries Kiev-35A.



At least 4 variants of Kiev-35A:

1.Common version as shown opposite.
2. Export version with records in Roman.
3. Grey body (see sample below).
4. Under export name "Exxell Automatik" (see camera  #9300489).


Kiev-35A #9009166.



The grey body Kiev-35A camera  #9400114 has KIEV - KORSAR written on the lens faceplate. No otherwise different [1].


Camera opposite from Ilya Stolyar (USA) coll. 


Grey Kiev-35A  #9400114.










Exxell Automatik






Kiev-35A, under very rare export name "Exxell Automatik". EXXELL supposedly was made in limited series in 1992 - 1994. The production was stopped just after Minox company made an injunction to stop the sale of this illegaly copied camera in Germany...

The early versions of particular camera come with lens markings in Roman characters, the late ones - with lens markings in Cyrillic characters again.

An earliest so far known Exxell Automatik camera has s/n #9205798 (DVD Technik), the latest one - #9400802 (SovietCams).


Camera opposite from Ilya Stolyar (USA) coll. 


Exxell Automatik #9218386.



Exxell Automatik camera came in set of cartoon box with Kiev-35A markings, Exxell Automatic camera in soft case, Kiev-35A manual guide in German and Exxell passport as a single leaflet (see sample below).


The cover of manual guide.




Exxell Automatik passport.