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2006. Sovietcams.
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Fed 6.3/100 mm


PT8110. Released by FED since 1937. Focal length - 10 cm, aperture range f6.3 - f36. Focusing range from 1 m to infinity. Number of elements/groups: 4/2.  Angular field - 24º. Quite uncommon to find nowadays. Rare to find special viewfinder Fed-100 was made for the particular lenses. Fed (M39) mount.



PT8110 - Fed 6.3/100  #33056.



PT8115. Signally changed body design (see comparison picture below), sometimes with red markings. Not RF coupled. Fed (M39) mount.



PT8115 - Fed 6.3/100  #39875.



PT8120. Signally changed body design again, without meter scale ring (see comparison picture below). Not RF coupled. Probably remade from regular lens. Fed (M39) mount.



PT8120 - Fed 6.3/100  #39149.