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2006. Sovietcams.
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Vega-1 (prototype)


PT5005. Prototype lens, calculated by GOI in 1957. Focal length - 5 cm (5.2 cm), aperture range f2.8 - f22. Focusing range unknown. Number of elements/groups: 5/4.  Angular field - 44°. Zorki (M39) mount.

Lens opposite scanned from GOI catalogue (1963).


PT5005 - Vega-1 prototype lens.



PT5010. Very few Vega-1 prototype cameras were released by KMZ in 1960-1963. It's interesting to mention, that Vega-1 version for SLR cameras is more common to find nowadays. Signally redesigned lens body in comparison with PT5005. Not discount the possibility of sample opposite beeing SLR lens, but so far known SLR versions have very different body finish indeed.

Lens opposite scanned from KMZ Catalogue (1963).


PT5010 - Vega-1 prototype lens.



PT5015. One more version of Vega-1 prototype camera with different body again. Released in 1960-1963 by KMZ.

Lens #000010 opposite from private collection in Europe.


PT5015 - Vega-1 prototype lens  #000010.