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At several Photokina shows, in Cologne, during the early 1990s the Arsenal factory stand showcased a new 6X4.5 camera: the Kiev 90. Official word was that the camera was pre-production but was available in limited quantities.

Previous Soviet designs were all 6X6cm copies of the Hasselblad 1000 and Pentacon 6. The Saliut, Saliut-S and Kiev-88 are three generations of a copy of the Hasselblad 1000, retaining the lens mount. The Kiev-6C and the Kiev60 are two generations of the Pentacon 6, in this case a superior design. Arsenal also manufactures a line of lenses for these cameras differing only in the lens mount.

The Kiev-90 represents a new approach, not a clone or copy, but a completely new design. The design shows elements of other currently produced 6x4.5 cameras (the official format is 4.5x6). In keeping with modern design, the camera and lens are completely finished in black. The Kiev-90 will never win any awards for quality of finish: it is good but rough in spots as if the enamel did not stick to the metal properly.

The camera has an electronically controlled focal-plane shutter and operates in manual, semiautomatic, and aperture-priority automatic modes. The lenses specially made for the 90 are the normal 80mm f/2.8 MC Volna-3, the telephoto 120mm f/2.8 MC Vega-28 and the wide-angle 65mm f/3.5 Mir-38. The lenses are in a modified Pentacon lens mount to allow for lens coupling to the camera body in automatic mode. The telephoto 120mm f/2.8 MC Vega-28 and the wide angle 65mm f/3.5 Mir-38 have never been seen other than at Photokina but the factory claims to have manufactured them. The camera will also use all other lenses in Pentacon mount but only in semiautomatic or manual modes... (source: Nathan Dayton).


Produced: c.1983
Name: „Киев-90“
Producer: Arsenal (Kiev)
Frame size: 4.5x6.
Lens: MC Volna-3  2.8/80.
Shutter: 4s-1/1000s + B.

Quantity:  appr. 200 units.

Camera opposite from private collection in China.


Kiev-90  #8800117.




The cover of manual guide.