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Zenit-19. -18





This camera was the pinnacle of Soviet camera design with the m42 lens mount. It was originally called the MT1. It has a match needle stopped down metering system and an electronically timed shutter. The shutter is a metal fan type vertically traveling shutter. This camera will not operate without two PX625 or equivalent batteries, the databack uses 3more 625 batteries. This camera is fully finished in black with a rubber fabric. Zenit is painted in white on the prism and 19 is painted in white on the right top front. The shoulder strap lugs are on the front and the flash receptacle is on the upper left front. On the lower right is the self timer and release and the depth of field preview which serves as the meter on switch also. On the top left deck is the rewind crank and a red battery test button. There is a hot shoe on the prism. The right deck has the film advance lever, a blue rewind button, a locking shutter release button with cable release connection and the shutter speed dial (source: http://www.commiecameras.com).



Produced: 1979-1987
Name: „Зенит-19“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Zenitar-M  1.7/50.
Shutter: 1s-1/1000s + B +T.

Quantity: 121.993 units.

Original price (in year 1986) 295 roubles.



Zenit-19  predecessor under name Zenit T-1.










Camera almost identical to early Zenit-19  (1979-1980), but with slightly changed body design. White frame counter's disk, instead of red one. Flat film rewind knob, new design of shutter release knob, etc. The particular camera has an extremely nice serial number #81010101 and was obtained from former director of famous VEF factory (Latvia) - Lenev Oleg Konstantinovich, who ruled the factory in 1977-1989. Camera from I.Stolyar (USA) coll.




Zenit-19  #81010101.



Less common to find export version of the particular camera. Was sold in United Kingdom market. Slightly changed body design again: changed form of shutter advance knob; new construction of door's lock; changed form of frame counter's window; new design of viewfinder's window (see picture below). "MADE IN USSR" markings on the rear plate. Camera opposite from Ilya Stolyar (USA) coll.


Zenit-19  #82002092.



Seems to be the latest version of the particular camera. Almost identical to Zenit-19 #82002092, but with X-Sync at 1/125s (sync at 1/60s on previous versions). Uncommon black frame counter's disk, instead of regular white one.



Zenit-19  #84006586.









Zenit-18 is a follow-on of Zenit-19, using mostly the same SLR body, but with omitting the DOF preview button, and transferring the activation of the light meter from it to the shutter release. This camera also offers aperture priority automatic exposure, a significant first for Zenit M42-mount cameras. Even more significantly the camera has a support for full aperture metering with special M42 lenses equipped with proper electronics and electric contacts.

Unfortunately the electronics are unique to this camera model only, and apparently only one dedicated lens allowing full aperture exposure metering was designed and manufactured in small numbers, Zenitar ME-1 50/1.7, which also has an odd square aperture formed from only two L-shaped parts. The automatic exposure system of course works with all M42 lenses, but requires stop-down metering to be used when using other than the dedicated lens (source: http://www.camerapedia.org/wiki/Zenit 18).

Camera below from private collection in Russia.


Produced: 1980-1987
Name: „Зенит-18“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Helios-44M  2/58.
Shutter: 1s-1/1000s + B +T.

Quantity: 7.001 units.
Original price (in year 1986) 540 roubles.


The cover of manual guide.


Zenit-18  #82000656.