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2006. Sovietcams.
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The Electra 112 is an electronic rangefinder combined with viewfinder camera. It has a CdS meter coupled to an electro-magnetic shutter. It features 3 diodes in the viewfinder to control exposure and a hot shoe. It came in chrome and black and all black. There was an olympic model as well as 3 different logos, LOMO, arms of the city of Leningrad and a Hemisphere. What if anything the different logos signify is unknown (source: http://www.commiecameras.com/).




Produced: 1979-1984
Name: „Электра-112“
Manufacturer: LOMO.
Frame size: 24x36 cm.
Lens: Industar-73  2.8/40.
Shutter: 2s -1/500s.

Quantity:  22.800 units.


PK7204 - Electra-112   #79000016.



PK7202. Never seen before prototype version of Electra-112 camera by LOMO Chief Designer Anatoliy Lakomkin. Probably very few cameras released in 1978-1979. White top plate with name markings, hand-engraved on the frontplate. Different mouldings of the top plate, in comparison with regular one.


PK7202 - Electra-112 prototype camera.


PK7204. An earliest so far known preseries version of Electra-112 camera. White top plate, Leningrad coat of arms symbol on the front plate. 8-digits serial number (7-digits on regular cameras). An ultra rare to find. An earliest so far known camera has s/n  #79000005 (on manual guide).


PK7204 - Electra-112  #79000016.


PK7205. An early preseries camera again. Identical to PK7204, but with LOMO logotype on the front plate already. An only sample with s/n #79000010 is known to exist in collections. An ultra rare to find.

The particular camera #79000010 opposite from private collection in Russia.

PK7210. Camera identical to PK7205, but with black top plate already. Still LOMO logotype on the front plate. Very uncommon to find.


PK7205 - Electra-112  #79000010.


PK7215. Seems to be the 1st productional version of the particular camera. Name markings stamped on the frontplate (silkscreened on late versions, see picture below). "LOMO" logotype is replaced by hemisphere symbol already. These hemispheres can be found in yellow, orange or blue colours. The particular version still comes with wide white ring on the lens. Less common to find.



PK7215 - Electra-112  #8000275.


PK7220. Cored name markings silkscreened on the fronplate already.  The particular version still comes with wide white ring on the lens (see picture below). An earliest so far known camera has s/n #8000038 (SovietCams).



PK7220 - Electra-112 #8000038.


PK7225. Transitional version of the particular camera. Identical to PK7220, but with   different lens paintings. Aperture and Gost settings disk is painted in black colour already (see picture below). Hemisphere symbol in blue colour on the sample opposite (very uncommon to find).


PK7225 - Electra-112  #8302377.



PK7230. Camera identical to PK7225, but totally black already, i.e. with black front ring on the lens (see the picture below). 



PK7230 - Electra-112  #8305552.