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GOMZ's attempt to present a more original and better performing camera than the Lubitel. 6x6cm TLR taking 12 views on 120 rollfil, Metal body. Trigger film advance, using the righ thumb. Reflex viewing on groundglass. Focusing done by moving the lensboard with a knurled knob located on the left side of the camera. ZT-11 shutter (very close to the ZT-12 used on the Junost). Speeds 1/8s-1/250s, uncoupled cocking mechanism. Coupling of speeds and diaphragm by a lever on the notched EV scale (see Junost and Vympel). 95x9x128mm - 830g. (source: J.L.Princelle "The Authentic Guide to Russian and Soviet Cameras", 2nd edition).


Produced: 1956-1958
Name: „НЕВА“
Producer: Lomo
Frame size: 60x60 mm.
Lenses: Triplet T-34 4/75 (1956),
or Industar-6 4/75 (1957-1958),
or Industar-6 3.5/75 (1958).
Shutter: 1/8s, 1/15s, 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s + B.

Quantity: less than 50 units.


PK8105 - Neva prototype camera.






PK8105. Prototype camera No.1 released in 1956. Triplet T-34 4/75mm lens. It's focused by turning two tabs on the viewing lens, though later cameras has focusing done by moving the lensboard with a knurled knob located on the left side of the camera. Very good body finish. Neva name markings engraved on the top plate. An exposure calculator on the rear side (see picture below).



PK8105 - Neva prototype #560001.



PK8110. The 2nd version of Neva camera. As it was mentioned above, the focusing is done by moving the lensboard with a knurled knob located on the left side of the camera (see PK8115 below). The particular version is fitted with Compur shutter and Welta 3.5/75mm lens (probably a test model).

PK8115. Released in 1957. Camera identical to PK8110, but with regular GOMZ shutter and Industar-6 4/75mm lens. Neva markings silkscreened on the top plate, though PK8105 comes with engraved ones. No more exposure calculator on body.


Camera #57656 from Alexey Nikitin (Russia) collection.


PK8115 - Neva #57656.



PK8120. Camera identical to PK8115, but with additional chromed knobs on the both side-plates for camera opening (see fragment below). Still Industar-6 4/75mm lens.



Camera  #58004 opposite from private collection in Russia.


PK8120 - Neva  #58004.



PK8125. Very interesting version of the particular camera. Released in 1958. Camera identical to PK8120, but without any engravings on the shutter and aperture disk (see picture below).


Camera #58005 opposite from Claire&Alain Berry (France) colection.


PK8125 - Neva  #58005.



PK8130. Seems to be the latest version of the particular camera. Identical to PK8115, but with Industar-6 3.5/75mm lens, instead of previous 4/75mm. Released in 1958 only. No otherwise different.


PK8130 - Neva  #58658.