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Komsomolets, Komsomolets-2
Sputnik, Sputnik-2
2006. Sovietcams.
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Produced: 1980-1990
Name: „Любитель-166B“
Producer: LOMO
Lens: Triplet-22   4.5/75
Shutter: 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 + B.

Quantity: 906.248 units.

Simplified version of complicated Lubitel-166 camera. No more frame counter on the side-plate, "hot shoe" replaced by simple accessory shoe. Memo disk replaced to side-plate already.

Thanks to Lina Umbrasaitė (Lithuania) for camera #83545953 donation.


PK1605 - Lubitel-166B  #81433802.






PK1605. Seems to be an earliest productional version of the particular camera. Nameplate in Cyrillic characters on the frontplate. An accessory shoe on the side-plate, memo disk - on another one (see picture below). Cored "LOMO" logotype on the waist lever finder.


PK1605 - Lubitel-166B  #81433802.



PK1610. Camera identical to PK1605, but with soviet "Sign of Quality" on the nameplate already. No otherwise different.


PK1610 - Lubitel-166B  #83545953.



PK1615. An export version of the particular camera.

PK1620. Less common to find version with big markings, silkscreened on the lens. No otherwise different from PK1615.


Lubitel-166B (export)  #82266448.