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2006. Sovietcams.
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Seems to be the very 1st soviet SLR camera with internal exposure meter (Kiev III style). Prototype camera, very few pilot samples of which released by KMZ in 1955-1956 (unconfirmed).  Full frame 35mm single reflex camera, based on Zenit-1 body. Focal plane synchonized shutter with speeds: Z; 1/20s - 1/500s, original construction of shutter speeds setting. Standard lens: Industar-22 3,5/50mm, shortened by factory. Leather coverings around the shutter housing, as on early Zenit-1 samples (1952-1954). Strap lugs on body. Two locking tabs (!) and centered tripod thread on the bottom plate. Only two Zenit-L cameras (s/n #000001 and #000002) are known to exist in collections. An ultra rare to find.

Camera #000002 below from Ilya Stolyar (USA) collection.


Zenit-L prototype camera  #000002.