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2006. Sovietcams.
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PT4005. Prototype lens released by KMZ in 1953 (?). Focal length - 5 cm (5.2 cm), aperture range f2.0 - f22. Focusing range from 1m to infinity. Number of elements/groups: 5/4.  Angular field - 45º. Zorki (M39) mount. The particular version has serial number without date prefix, known lens has s/n #0001204 (source: J.L.Princelle book). No otherwise different from Jupiter-8.

Sample opposite scanned from the 1st soviet camera Catalogue (1958).


PT4005 - Jupiter-17 prototype lens.



PT4010. Lens identical to PT4005, but with date prefix in the serial number. Mounted on Zorki with s/n #443050 (SovietCams). The particular lens was tested with Bessa-R camera just few years ago (in 2009). Great results were achieved even at wide open aperture (samples at USSRPhoto.com) 


PT4010 - Jupiter-17  #5301285.