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Sokol Automat
Lomo 130AL, -130A
2006. Sovietcams.
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This camera was the succesor to the ill fated Kristall. The Kristall camera got a hinged back like all modern camera we know. Unfortunatly nobody liked the design of the Kristall which had hammered paint and ridges on the top of prism. Some people called it tractorlike. So Kristall stayed only in production for a year and then was replaced by the Zenit-3M. In comparing it to the Zenit-3, it is more modern. Hinged back instead of the bottomloader. It is smaller than the 3. But its specs are identical (source: http://www.xs4all.nl/~tomtiger/Zenit3m.html).


Produced: 1962-1970
Name: „Зенит-3M“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24x36.
Lens: Industar-50  3.5/50.
Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s, 1/500s + B.

Quantity: 781.678 units.


Zenit-3M  #67112053.



Do existing a lot of Zenit-3M versions:

1. Several versions under "Зенит-3М" in Cyrillic characters. Both engraved or painted.
2. Several versions under "Zenit-3M" in Roman characters. Both engraved or painted.
3. Under name "Zenit" for UK market (see camera #65112857).
4. Under name "Zenith-3" for UK market (see camera #68119515).
5. Under name "Revueflex" for West Germany market (see camera #69008961).
6. Under name "Global" (Australia market).
7. Under name "Kalimar SLR 100" (US market).
8. With commemorative "Aurora 1917-1967" markings on the camera's top plate (see camera #67070433).



Zenit-3M  #65112857 under name "Zenit".



Zenit-3M  #65112857 has stright-horizontal name engravings, though camera #66012625 (see picture opposite) comes with  towering engravings already. No otherwise different.


Camera opposite from private collection in Lithuania. 


Zenit-3M  #66012625 under name "Zenit".



An anniversary version of Zenit-3M to commemorate the 50th birthday of "Great October". "Zenit-3M" in Cyrillics painted on the frontplate.


Zenit-3M Anniversary  #67070433.




Zenit-3M (export)  #63036860.



Thanks to Alexey Nikitin (Russia) for camera #65106316 donation.


Zenit-3M  #65106316.




Very uncommon, under name "Zenith-3"  #68119515.




Zenit-3M  #66084252.



An example of painted Cyrillic markings. You can see KMZ Logo on front side othe housing.


Zenit-3M  #65109334 top cover.













Very uncommon export version of Zenit-3M was obtained with famous Belorussian collector's Viktor Suglob help. Markings "V/0 MASHPRIBORINTORG SSSR MOSKVA" on the prism. Totally black body!

Camera opposite from private collection in China.


Zeniflex  #68030088.











Camera identical to Zenit-3M, but under name "Revueflex". Western Germany market (Foto-Quelle).


Revueflex  #69008961.






Camera identical to Zenit-3M, but under export name "Global". Australian market.


Global  #68114446.