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2006. Sovietcams.
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This is the second major Soviet design for a panorama camera. It is basically a redesign of the FT-2. Like the FT-2 it uses a curved film plane and a sweeping lens. But there the similarity ends as it is much more modern looking and uses a removable optical view finder. There are three different handles for this camera, the earliest had a round solid aluminum handle. The next had the round aluminum handle with a compartment for the filter and the majority have a black square tapered handle. The rarest accessory for these cameras are the filters. There are a yellow green and a skylight filter in a square black holder with a flat spring on one side.

The camera is finished in chrome and black with black nylon fabric. The front of the camera bulges for the lens assembly. In the upper right corner is an accessory shoe for the viewfinder and in the upper left is the name plate. The name plate is always divided into two sections, with the top being chromed and the bottom a solid color and with reverse colored lettering. The most common nameplate has Horizont on top and the KMZ symbol on the bottom. Occasionally you will see Horizont Revue made for German distribution. It can also be found marked Global-H (source: www.rafcamera.com).





Produced: 1967-1973
Name: „Горизонт“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 24x58.
Lens: OF-28P   2.8/28.
Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s.

Quantity: 49.849 units.


 Horizont  #7106960.


A lot of versions can be found on the market recently:

1. An early version (1967-1968) had 1/250s shutter speed marked on the top plate. Very few cameras had different body finish. The detachable viewfinder comes with serial number and KMZ logotype engraved. 
2. Camera identical to 1st type, but under export name "Horizont" in Roman characters. KMZ logotype in the nameplate.
3. The most common domestic version (1968-1971) with 1/250s not marked on the top plate. No more engravings on viewfinder.
4. Camera identical to 3rd type, but under export name "Horizont" in Roman characters. No more KMZ logotype on the nameplate. Some cameras bearing "Made in USSR on the rear plate.

5. Some cameras (both domestic and export) have entered the market with interesting "Author Certificate NN217205, 189299 " engravings on the bottom plate. The detachable viewfinder with lock already.

Horizont Revue  #6903471 from private collection in Russia.



6. Very uncommon version, under name "Horizont Revue" in Roman characters. Were released for W.Germany market. Very few early cameras have 1/250s markings on the top plate.
7. Even more uncommon version, under name "Revue" (source: Princelle book).
8. Very uncommon version, under export name "Global-H" was released for Australian market.
9. Even more uncommon version, under export name "Kalimar Wide-X" entered the United States market (source: Princelle book).
10. the last version of particular camera (1972-1973). The nameplate becoming white-red, and not white-black anymore. The soviet sign of Quality under name markings. Small KMZ logo above the markings.


Late Horizont  #7205788.



Some Horizonts (both domestic and export versions) entered the market with interesting "Author Certificate NN217205, 189299 " engravings on the bottom plate (see picture below). The detachable viewfinder with lock already.


Horizont  #7106898.



At least two types of bottom plate mouldings are known to exist. An old type bottom plate (see picture opposite) was slightly changed in 1971. My another export version of Horizont #7207510 is identical to camera #7106898, but with new bottom plate already (see picture below). "Author Certificate" engravings again.


Bottom plate view of Horizont #7106898.




Bottom plate view of Horizont #7207510.