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Lomo 130AL, -130A
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Lomo Compact group consists of 5 different cameras. Although the famous Lomo LC-A is surely the most promoted soviet camera in the World, at least 3 of the rest cameras are almost unknown to collectors community indeed. Below you will find an unique information about all 5 Lomo Compact cameras with actual pictures of real cameras, not the bad quality paper scans.



Lomo lc-a



Beeing actually an exact COSINA CX copy, LOMO LC-A is just a crappy little Soviet/Russian compact 35mm camera with scale focusing and automatic exposure control.  It also sports a 32mm lens which is slightly wider  than most compact 35's [2].


Produced: c.1983
Name: „Ломо Компакт-А“
Producer: Lomo
Frame size: 24x36 mm.
Lens: Minitar-1  2.8/32.
Shutter: 2s-1/500s.

Quantity: unknown.                         

Original price (in year 1986) 75 roubles.


 An early Lomo Compact-A camera.






PK7305. The new Lomo Compact-A camera was announced in Moscow Optical Fair in 1983, among with Orion-35C and Kiev-20 cameras (SF No.9, 1983).

The prototype has different form of body design and Compact markings on the frontplate. 6 prototype cameras released in 1982.


Picture opposite from LOMO Museum (Russia).


PK7305 - Lomo Compact-A prototype.



PK7310. An earliest productional version of Lomo Compact-A camera. The 1st production batch was released in late 1983 - early 1984. The first batch have defective bright frame finder. The word "GOST" embossed underneath window with GOST settings (see picture below).



PK7310 - Lomo Compact-A  #830102.



PK7315. Although an earliest regular version of Lomo Compact-A camera (PK7310) has Minitar-1 markings on the lens protection plate (see picture below), this promotional type comes with "LC-A" markings in Cyrillic characters both on the top plate and frontplate (see picture opposite). No otherwise different.



PK7315 - Lomo Compact-A camera.



PK7320. Camera identical to PK7310, but with word "GOST" placed aside the window already (see picture below). New body coverings. Late cameras come with soviet "Sign of Quality" on the rear plate. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #831142 (Molotok, 2010).



PK7320 - Lomo Compact-A  #9026555.



PK7325. Seems to be the 1st export version of the particular camera. An additional "ZENITH" markings added on the frontplate (see picture opposite). International "ASA" settings, instead of soviet GOST (see picure below).



PK7325 - Lomo Compact-A  #8535865.



PK7330. Evidently there were about 6000 (most of the initial production of the new LC-A) given away to dignitaries and delegates at the XXVII Communist Party Congress in 1986, where they were a huge sensation. The small commemorative plaque on the top of the camera (see picture below) is made of brass with red enamel.



PK7330 - Lomo Compact-A  #8575845.



PK7335. Another export version, under name "Zenit LC-A". ASA settings again. No otherwise different from PK7325.

PK7340. Camera identical to PK7335, but with additional "ZENITH" markings on the frontplate again. No otherwise different.



PK7335 - Lomo Compact-A  #8604115.



PK7345. "20th" Komsomol Commemorative LOMO LC-A. This camera was given to the young delegates of the 1987 Communist Youth Congress or Komsomol and is marked on the top plate with a white printed logo the XX VLKSM (All-Union Lenin Communist Youth Union) (source: Bill Parkinson).



PK7345 - Lomo Compact-A  #8715681.



PK7350. The most common Lomo LC-A type to find nowadays. Export "LOMO" markings on the frontplate. International ASA settings. No otherwise different.



PK7350 - Lomo Compact-A  #91604529.



PK7360. Less common to find late export version of Lomo Comapact-A camera. Though released in 1993, the particular camera still has "MADE IN USSR" markings on body. No otherwise different.



PK7360 - Lomo Compact-A  #93112612.



PK7365. This fancy faux-alligator covered commemorative from 1997, with supposedly only 936 examples made in total, was crafted by LOMO PLC of St. Petersburg to honor the "Centenary of Lomography in Russia" (10 years of Lomography + 90 years of Lomo PLC). This camera has a decorative black and red enameled chrome emblem on the back, designed by Alexander Djikia - a famous Russian artist and one of the very first Lomographers (source:  http://www.nightphoto.com/).



PK7365 - Lomo Compact-A  #XK003581.



PK7370. A huge number of recently repainted Lomo Compact-A cameras. It's impossible to say all possible types (including fake commemorative cameras) nor body colours indeed. Very easy to find nowadays, overpriced. The picture of Fantasy camera "St Petersburg-300 Years" below.



PK7370 - Lomo Compact-A camera.











PK7455. Very mysterious and rare prototype camera, briefly described in Soviet photo literature as a simplified version of famous Lomo Compact-A. Lomo Smena-18 camera identical to LC-A, but without Auto mode (just manual control). Very few pilot samples released by LOMO in 1984. Manual shutter with speeds: 1/15s, 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s + B. Minitar-1 2.8/32 mm lens.




PK7455 - Smena-18 prototype  #8442725.








LOMO Compact Prototype



PK7470. Unknown Lomo Compact prototype camera, released by LOMO in 1985. Seems to be one more factory's attempt to simplify Lomo Compact camera. Totally new body design with Triplet-43-1 4/40 mm lens (this lens was used on Smena-19 camera, released by LOMO in 1985). New design of the shutter release knob (used on Lomo LC-M lately). Seems to be a non-working pilot model (and not confirmed by LOMO).  

Camera below from Vitaly Maleychuk (Belarus) collection. 


PK7470 - Lomo Compact prototype camera.



lomo lc-m 




PK7505. Less common to find camera, with appr. 1000 copies released by LOMO in 1986-1987. Automatic 35mm compact camera. Like Lomo LC-A, but with improved shutter. Design borrowed from Cosina CX-2. Minitar f2.8/32mm lens. Leaf shutter with speeds;  2s-1/500s. Is not easy to find one in working condition. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #860037 (Juhani coll.).



PK7505 - Lomo Compact-M  #871780.






lomo lc-m2






An ultra rare to find camera. Very few pilot samples released by LOMO since 1990. Automatic full frame 35mm compact. Redesigned version with built-in flash. According to Viktor Suglob's book "1200 cameras from the USSR", at least two versions are known to exist. An early version comes with Minitar-1  2.8/32mm lens, another one - with Opalar  2.8/35. Shutter speeds: 2s - 1/500s. An early version comes with single nameplate markings "Compact" on the frontplate.



PK7555. 1st type of the particular camera, described in the text above.

Picture below was kindly provided by authors of SSK book "1200 cameras from the USSR", 2009. 


PK7555 - Lomo Compact LK-M2 prototype camera.



PK7560. The 2nd version of this prototype camera. Slightly redesigned camera body, "Opalar 2.8/35" lens, instead of "Minitar-1 2.8/32" on sample above. Additional markings on body.



PK7560 - Lomo Compact-M2 prototype camera.