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2006. Sovietcams.
Solution: IDAMAS, powered  SmartWeb.


Produced: 1971-1973.
Name: "Чайка-3"
Producer: BeLomo.
Frame size: 18x24.
Industar-69 2.8/28.
Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s.

Quantity: ±600.000 units.

Thanks to Algirdas Bobnys (Lithuania) for camera #1002544 donation.


PB1110 - Chaika-3  #1002544.







PB1103.  An earliest so far known version of the Chaika-3 camera. Released in 1970 (or early 1971). Plastic film winding and film rewind knobs on the bottom plate.  Black exposure calculator on the top plate. Exposure meter outlined by gray decorative rim.  Film rewind locking knob outlined by wide decorative rim. 2 screws on the rear plate. Black rear door lock. Camera opposite from Ilya Stolyar (USA) coll.  



PB1103 - Chaika-3  #0000661.



PB1105. Camera identical to PB1103 with few exceptions: 1) metal film winding knob on the bottom plate; 2) one screw on the rear plate. Serial number without date prefix. Black exposure calculator on the top plate (see picture below).  Film rewind locking knob without rim (see PB1110 below).


Camera from Sergey Kochergin (Belarus) collection.


PB1105 - Chaika-3  #0000968.



PB1110. Another early Chaika-3 version with film winding knob (which becomes plastic already). Camera identical to PB1105, but with date prefix in serial number already ( 1st digit "1" stands for 1971, "2" - for 1972, etc.). Film rewind locking knob still old style (see picture below).



PB1110 - Chaika-3  #1002544.



PB1115. Camera identical to PB1110, but with rewind locking knob, outlined by wide decorative rim already (see picture below).


PB1120. Camera identical to PB1115, but with exposure meter, outlined by black decorative rim already (see camera opposite).

PB1125. New design of exposure calculator on the top plate already (see camera opposite).


PB1125 - Chaika-3  #1067220.



PB1130. Changed design of the strap lugs (see picture opposite). Some cameras have additional markings "SDELANO B CCCP", silkscreened on the rear plate (see picture below). Camera opposite comes with white film winding knob, instead of regular black one.

Camera opposite from Sergey Kochergin (Belarus) collection.


PB1130 - Chaika-3  #2000474.



PB1135. Film winding knob replaced by film winding lever since 1972. White film rewind knob. Slightly changed design of rewind locking knob (see picture below). Some cameras have additional markings  "SDELANO B CCCP", silkscreened on the rear plate. No otherwise visually different. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #2015719 (eBay 2011).



PB1135 - Chaika-3  #2500828.



PB1140. Seems to be the latest version of the particular camera. Identical to PB1135, but with 2 screws on the rear plate, instead of 1 screw in previous versions (see picture below). Released in 1972-1973.



PB1140 - Chaika-3  #3424657.