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Elikon Autofocus
Elikon-1, Elikon
Elikon-5, -535
2006. Sovietcams.
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Produced: 1959-1965
Name: „Нарцисс“
Producer: KMZ
Frame size: 14x21mm.
Lens: Industar-60  2.8/35 (on early cameras) or Vega-M-1 2.8/35.
Shutter: 1/2s-1/500s + B.

Quantity: 10.939 units.


Camera opposite from private collection in China. 


PM7515 - Narciss  #6100241.





PM7505. Prototype version of the particular camera. Very few test cameras released in 1959. Body is covered in white vulcanite. 2 synchro contacts on the top plate have natty design (see picture below). 5-digits serial number with date prefix engraved on the rear plate. Picture opposite was kindly provided by authors of the book "1200 cameras from USSR", 2009.



PM7505 - Narciss prototype  #59005.



PM7510. Seems to be an earliest productional version of the particular camera. Body is covered in gray leatherette. Parts of the body are painted in "metal imitation" colour. Fitted with an early Industar-60  2.8/35mm lens. 7-digits serial number with date prefix engraved on the rear plate (see picture below). Seems to be released in 1961 only. An earliest so far known camera has s/n #6100089 (V.Suglob coll.).


Camera from Viktor Suglob (Belarus) collection.


PM7510 - Narciss  #6100089.



PM7515. An early productional version of Narciss camera. White body coverings. Still "natty" synchro contacts on top. Fitted with Industar-60 2.8/35 or Vega-M-1 2.8/35 lens. Black metal plaque on the rear plate with warning text (see picture below). Less common to find nowadays. The camera opposite is fitted with prism of different design.



PM7515 - Narciss  #6100241.



PM7517. Quite common to find early version of Narciss. Released in 1962-1963 only. Still white body coverings. 2 synchro contacts on the top plate becoming less natty (see picture below). The metal plaque with warning text dissapears in 1963. Camera opposite from E.Tutkus coll. in Lithuania.



PM7517 - Narciss  #6300300.



PM7520. Very rare transitional camera identical to PM7515, but with new synchro contact markings on the top plate. Old symbols replaced with international "X" and "M" markings already (see picture below). The particular camera opposite fitted with different design rare Vega lens. Camera opposite from Alexey Nikitin (Russia) coll.



PM7520 - Narciss  #6300367.



PM7525. The most common version of Narciss camera. Black body coverings. Appr. 8000 units released in 1963-1965 (some serial numbers are mixed with white body Narciss cameras). The synchro contact markings "X" and "M" is smaller in comparison with PM7520 (see picture below). An earliest so far known camera has s/n #6300591 (Avito 2012). Camera opposite from V.Nagorskij coll. in Lithuania.



 PM7525 - Narciss  #6404554.



PM7530. The latest known version of the particular camera. Export nameplate markings as well as lens markings in Roman characters already. The lock of rear door has markings "closed" instead of "Закр." in previous versions. "Made in USSR" engravings on the rear plate (see picture below). At least 1100 cameras released in 1965. Camera opposite from private collection in Israel.



PM7530 - Narciss  #6501587.



PM7535. Very uncommon to find export version of Narciss camera. Identical to PM7530, but with white body coverings again. Export engravings "closed" on the rear door's lock (see picture below).


Camera opposite from Viktor Suglob (Belarus) collection.


PM7535 - Narciss  #6502137.