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Sokol Automat
Lomo 130AL, -130A
2006. Sovietcams.
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Moment, Uchenik


Moment camera is the first Soviet camera of the Polaroid type. Produced in the series of 1952-1954, this camera can hardly be found in full set. The camera was produced with the main aim to implement the idea of Polaroid 95 within the USSR and to give Soviet people the chance to appreciate that technical paragon of the time. “Moment” is a wonderful camera designed according to brilliant know-how of precise optical equipment. However, the reliability of its construction and excellent performance characteristics were not enough for the camera to overcome all troubles on the way to the customer and to enjoy vast popularity with the public. The reason is simple: miserable quality of Soviet photographic “Polaroid” film, its skyrocketing prices and general shortage didn’t allow the post-war society grasp the advantages of the camera. When it became clear that common people can’t let themselves pay a lump sum for some unproved film, Soviet leaders decided to direct the whole series of “Moment” cameras to photographic studios. Yet, even there the notorious low quality of the film and numerous problems during its processing made photographers switch to traditional cameras, like FKD. The major part of “Moment” cameras were returned to the factories, others were destroyed by the time or people. The camera left behind its time [2].

Produced: 1952-1954
Name: „Момент“
Producer: GOMZ (Lomo).
Frame size: 80x105.
Lens: T-26  6.3/13 cm.
Shutter: 1/10s, 1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/200s + B.

Quantity: ± 9.000 units.

Although beeing very uncommon camera itself,  Moment can be found in different colours indeed:
PK4605. Regular brown coverings (see picture opposite).

PK4610. Rare black coverings (see picture below). An earliest so far known camera has s/n #530094 (SovietCams).


PK4605 - Moment  #520056.



PK4605 - Moment camera  #520056 (right) and PK4610 - Moment  camera  #530094 (left).













PK4650. The Moment seems to have been sold in small quantities, because used cameras can be found (using what films?) But confronted by the inevitable lack of success of the Moment, the GOMZ engineers quickly recycle its lens assembly and some of its parta (in particular the beautiful focusing ramp) on an "old style" 9x12cm folding camera. The Uchenik is aimed at youngsters - students and other young fans of large format photo (source: "The Authentic Guide to Russian and Soviet Cameras" by J.L.Princelle, 2nd edition, 2004). 



Produced: c.1952 (?)
Name: „Ученик“
Producer: GOMZ (Lomo).
Frame size: 9x12сь.
Lens: T-26  6.3/13 cm.
Shutter: 1/10s, 1/25s, 1/50s, 1/100s, 1/200s + B.

Quantity: unknown, but very few.

Vertical format metal folding bellows camera, covered in black leatherette.  


PK4650 - Uchenik camera.