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2006. Sovietcams.
Solution: IDAMAS, powered  SmartWeb.

Produced: 1967-1972
Name: „Чайка-2“
Producer: MMZ
Frame size: 18x24.
Lens: Industar-69  2.8/28.
Shutter: 1/30s, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250s + B.

Quantity: ±1.250.000 units.

Identical to the Chaika, with some minor modifications, such as the replacement of the rewind crank by a knob, a new shutter release design.


Chaika-2 #8117925.



Chaika-2 has serial number, stamped inside the body. It can be placed either on the rear door or on the shutter. Black or white inside spool. Some cameras come with  markings "SDELANO B CCCP" on the rear plate.

Chaika-2 has different body covering (both surface facture and colour). The most common version has black body coverings, but it's easy to find other colours (see camera #7106901 below).


Export Chaika-2 #1070785.



At least few export Chaika-2 versions existing. Cameras under name "CHAJKA - II" are quite common (see camera #1070785). Can be also found an interesting export version under name "CHAIKA - II" (see camera #1131022). No standards at all on this camera.


Export Chaika-2 #1131022.




Chaika-2 Anniversary

Some first year issue cameras entered the market with commemorative box "50 Years to Soviet Authority". The camera itself has no anniversary markings on the body. In my case, camera has grey body. 


Camera opposite/below from Viktor Suglob (Belarus) collection. 


Chaika-2 Anniversary  #7106901.



Chaika-2 Anniversary set  #7106901.