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Elikon Autofocus
Elikon-1, Elikon
Elikon-5, -535
2006. Sovietcams.
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Astra Stereo


Stereo camera of which only a few were made, of which most remained unfinished. Cast aluminum body making 2 images 24x24mm. Presented at the 1958 Brussels International Exposition where it was hailed by the media, the Astra never entered production. In the "60's the drawings were transferred to MMZ in Minsk, where they were filed...

24x24mm STEREO with coupled rangefinder matching Industar-60 2.8/35mm lenses twin vertical running shutters, Speeds: B; 1s-1/500s. Lever advance (Start type) coupled to film advance. M/X sync. Selftimer (source: J.L.Princelle "The Authentic Guide to Russian and Soviet Cameras", 2nd edition).

Camera below from private collection in Russia.



Astra prototype camera.